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process & technology

Technology is key!

The highly detailed 3D modelling combined with digital renderings, video flythroughs and AR visualisations all via the latest technological advancements in the industry will allow you to connect to design decisions and material selections significantly greater compared to looking at a series of 2D plans.

The effort in producing these extra layers of detail will ensure that you are completely connected to the design and aware of what each space not only looks like, but feels like! Real time sunlight modelling will show how the morning light fills the living areas and material layering will make sure you're feeling comfort and relaxation in the bedrooms.

Within the first few weeks you will see 3D iterations of your future home, not just sketches on trace paper. You'll see examples of the process during our first meeting on site to discuss your project before you've even signed a contract to demonstrate this process.

typical project staging

Shore Architects are able to work with you from the very beginning right until you get the keys (and beyond)! Expert consultancy teams will be incorporated throughout the project and your preferred builder can be brought in from the start or use Shore Architects to select and tender to several contractors suitable to carry out your job once construction documentation is completed.

concept design

- Site investigations

- Planning regulations assessed

- Iterative design process undertaken

- Consultancy team (e.g. structural and hydraulic engineers) prepared

- Select a design to proceed to next stage

design development & authority approval

- Design development continues on selected design

- Documents produced to target Certifier (CDC) or Council (DA) approvals

- Consultancy team's documents co-ordinated

construction documentation

- Detailed documentation (plans, sections, details, specification and schedules) produced for contractor to construct the project off

- Prepare architectural and consultancy documents for tendering exercise

tendering and signing a building contract

- Monitor requests for information from invited tenderers

- Evaluate submitted tenderers and assess against Quantity Surveyor's pre-tender estimate

- Negotiate tender submissions if required

- Assist client in selection of successful tenderer

contract administration during construction

- Administer the architect's responsibilities in assessment of time, cost and quality of built work during the construction process as per the nominated building contract