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Discover Our Architectural Expertise and Story

Shore Architects aim to provide their clients with the very essence of the home they dream of. Each project provides a new opportunity to understand their clients' necessities as well as their desire to experiment materialistically and spatially. A client's home is the most personal space and each one is completely individual because it must answer the occupants' needs of retreat, comfort and luxury.

Each project starts in aiming to discover what drives the client's desire to carry out the project and using that as the basis of planning spatially, aesthetically and maximising the potential of the project within the site's constraints (and more importantly the site's opportunities).


Shore Architects provide a complete architectural service from first sketches to contract administration

Concept Design

A detailed iterative process capturing client's immediate goals and needs within an architectural solution

Detailed Documentation

Coordination and managements of consultancy team including engineers, building authorities and standards

Contract Administration

Continual administration of the construction contract between client and builder from tender to completion

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