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At Shore Architects, we are passionate about creating custom living spaces that resonate with the lifestyle and aspirations of our clients in Sydney and the Northern Beaches. 


With a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of residential design and architecture services, our residential architect is committed to delivering projects that stand the test of time and reflect high-quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing contemporary designs.

Exceptional & Contemporary Residential Architect in Sydney

Michael Fitzgerald
NSW ARB 10618
Certified Passive House Designer

Michael has an innate desire to create significant Sydney residential architecture. He is a local architect in the North Shore who holds a wide skill set across technology, construction detailing and project planning.

His architectural interest lies in the realisation of great projects via a rigorously tested design process through sketches, modelling, and the array of technology available to today’s architects and that, ultimately the form of a building is only as good as it is detailed. He believes that the best Sydney residential architecture process is not a linear avenue to simply finish a project but an opportunity to question the site, challenge the opportunities and critically investigate the options to provide the best design outcome possible.

He has provided services as an architect in North Sydney, Mosman, Ku-ring-gai, Northern Beaches and many other Councils in Sydney. He aspires to have Shore Architects recognised as one of the top residential architects in Sydney by treating each client's project as a monumental occasion in their lives, and hence, providing the effort, energy and expertise that the process should involve.


Michael's desire is to make the client feel they are working with the best residential architect. He seeks to achieve this goal through effective communication, a detailed workflow and ultimately great architectural impact!

Brief history

Michael completed his Masters in Architecture from the University of Technology, Sydney and his graduating project was nominated for two awards external to the university (the AIA Award for Digital Innovation and the Object Gallery Award for Excellence and Innovation) and was announced the winner of both. Throughout his studies Michael also completed several semesters peer tutoring and later became a tutor for Architectural Communications at UTS teaching students an array of software and how to maximise the potential using these programs.​

Following university, Michael was successful in securing an internship at Frank Gehry’s office in Los Angeles, California. After returning to Australia, Michael joined elite Sydney residential architects PTW Architects in Sydney's CBD. His scope of work would expand to all stages of building from a series of competitions, DA submissions, design development and construction documentation. Significant projects include 700 apartments at 88 Christie St in St Leonards, the construction documentation and site management at Harold Park Precinct 6B and the design development of Wanda One Sydney in Circular Quay. Throughout his studies, Michael also completed several semesters peer tutoring and, whilst working at PTW, became a tutor for Architectural Communications at UTS, teaching students an array of software and how to maximise the potential using these programs.​

Michael has turned his professional interest in realising clients' dreams and passions on a more personal scale; their own homes as a Sydney residential architect. Michael made the transition from Sydney's commercial architecture to Sydney's residential architecture and worked for some time at Northern Beaches architect Archisoul Architects. Michael worked throughout all stages of residential practice, including concept design through contract administration. Whilst he holds on to the skillsets from previous commercial experience, his passion lies in residential design (primarily single dwellings as a house architect in Sydney.

Recent updates

Since starting Shore Architects in 2018 Michael has completed and is currently undertaking several premium projects across various Councils targeting high end residential architecture in Sydney. Please get in touch to see some of the:

- Mosman architect projects

- North Sydney architect projects

- Northern Beaches architect projects

- North Shore architect projects

Practising residential architecture in Sydney allows Michael and Shore Architects to open up a wide array of brilliant internal and external spaces within the picturesque qualities of the North Shore and Northern Beaches. Some of the perks of practising as a Sydney residential architect is the opportunity to maximise each site's potential with constant internal and external connections thanks to the temperature climate throughout the year.

Projects range from alterations and additions (renovations) to new houses, each project with a unique element derived from the client's personal tastes, site opportunities and a detailed design process.

If you are looking to get involved with an architect in North Sydney, Mosman, Northern Beaches or other areas, please feel free to get in touch to learn more about your process as we seek to make you feel like you are working with the best architect in Sydney.

Why choose our residential architect


Opting for Shore Architects ensures your dream home is in capable hands, offering a blend of dedication, sustainability and bespoke service. Here’s why:

  • Experience — Our residential architect in Sydney possesses extensive expertise in residential architecture, setting a solid foundation for every project.

  • Sustainability — We are committed to environmentally responsible designs, integrating sustainable practices into every project to create efficient and eco-friendly homes.

  • Passive house design — Our focus is on delivering homes that achieve unparalleled energy efficiency and comfort, demonstrating our expertise in passive house design.

  • Local knowledge — Our deep understanding of Sydney and the Northern Beaches’ local conditions and regulations guarantees projects are designed with keen insights, enhancing their relevance and compliance. 

With our residential architect, you're choosing a partner committed to innovative design, environmental stewardship and a home that is distinctively yours. Explore our portfolio to see how we can bring your vision to life.

  • What services does Shore Architects offer?
    We offer a wide range of architectural services, including concept design, construction documentation and project management. Our specialisations include passive house design and sustainable architecture.
  • How does passive house design benefit homeowners in Sydney?
    Passive house design optimises your home's thermal performance, significantly reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling. This leads to lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.
  • Can Shore Architects work within specific budget constraints?
    Absolutely. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality, contemporary designs that respect our clients' budgets. Our team of architects in Sydney ensures no additional fees for plan changes, making us a flexible partner in your architectural journey.
  • What is the typical timeline for completing a residential project in Sydney?
    The timeline can vary depending on the project's scope and complexity. However, we are committed to efficient project management and clear communication throughout the process. Our architects local to Sydney understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the Sydney landscape, ensuring a smooth project timeline.
  • How do I schedule a consultation with Shore Architects?
    Scheduling a consultation is easy. Simply contact our architects in Sydney through our online form or call (02) 8019 7299 to get started on bringing your architectural vision to life.


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