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Sustainable Architect in Sydney

How can an industry related to so much material and energy use be labelled sustainable? Shore Architects are certified Passive House architects and sustainable architects in Sydney. Each day is a journey to provide unique projects as a sustainable architects whilst minimalising the impact on the earth and promote sustainable principles.

A sustainable architect in Sydney is lucky as the climate is so nice for the majority of the year that construction detailing and methodologies do not have to go to the extremes of Europe and North America. It must be noted it is not only about heating and cooling! Optimum ventilation should remain at the forefront of design, promoting both thermal comfort and oxygen rich air (healthy buildings). For Passive Houses the topics of air-sealing and constant mechanical ventilation ensure oxygen rich air is always flowing through the home whilst extracting odours and fumes from daily activities (showering, cleaning, cooking). Passive Houses take energy efficiency, building health and construction detailing to another level and promote energy usage drops of up to 90%!

What does it require to be a sustainable architect in Sydney?

There are a few key items clients, sustainable architects, owners, builders and everyone should consider when undertaking architectural projects:

- is the material sustainably and ethically sourced/produced?

- how long is the material expected to last (in the EXACT location it is to be used - very important!)

- what maintenance and/or running costs are associated with the material/item?

- is there a better material option available closer to the site?

- is the material/item suitably located, installed and operational?

- is there a better location/size for your rooms/windows?

There is so much embodied carbon used in the production of construction. Going further there is a huge amount of energy required to heat, cool, run and maintain buildings year after year after year. Whatever steps you take in your project, from implementing passive principles to full Passive House certification, Shore Architects can provide your solution as your local Sydney sustainable architect.

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