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The benefits of working with the best residential architects in Sydney

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

best residential architects sydney

When hiring an architect, you’ll want to be hiring the best architect for your specific project. Your intentions may be passive house certified, or to amplify existing heritage significance or to create a certain aesthetic of the final product. When hiring an architect in Sydney you could be chasing the coastal views or maximising the weather conditions within and amongst the home. This article will delve into the top advantages of working with the best residential architects in Sydney and how they can help turn your dream home into a reality.

Personalised Designs

When hiring the best residential architect in Sydney, you are doing so to get a unique, high-quality design and moving away from the cookie-cutter, mass-produced options. The process begins with a detailed assessment of how you live, how you want to live and what is important to you on this specific site. The site itself will be rigorously assessed in order to maximise views and light penetration, rather than simply addressing the street. With the majority of Shore Architects designs, more interesting components are happening from the mid- to rear-portions of the dwelling as these are typically the social spaces of the home where most people spend their time together. Breaking the house up with internal courtyards and highlighting material accents begins to celebrate the site as well as the clients’ personal tastes and desires. Amongst this unique design, your architect can modify features, materials and geometries to align to your desired styles and aesthetics, so the product that you arrive home to each day embodies your locality, way of life and maximises your living potential for the future.

High quality detailing

“The details are not the details. They make the design” – Charles Eames

The unique approach to boutique architectural projects is the opportunity to scrutinise, test, improve and finesse each aspect of the home. From bespoke bathroom vanities to cladding direction to roof geometry, the whole dwelling is an opportunity for personalisation and high-quality detailing. The best residential architecture projects have a glimpse of tested design at each corner and the rigorous assessment, analysis and perfection of the floor plan creates a product of pride and high quality.

Clear Project Management and Timelines

Outside of the high quality design potential, your residential architect should provide you from day 1 advice on how long the concept design stages will take, when approvals could be targeted, when construction could start and what would be a rough project completion (built project) date. Throughout the process constant communication will be provided with updates on cost, time, quality and consultant status, as well as any external conditions that could impact timeframes and project development such as Council, assessment meetings or advantages of pre-approval meetings with planning authorities. Shore Architects aim to never require clients to check in on status, as the timeframes will be clearly and constantly communicated and updated throughout all stages of the project.

Access to specific intellectual libraries

If a project is to feature a specific intent, solution or requirement, the architect you hire will likely have experience in those realms throughout their catalogue of completed and current projects. Your investment is a utilisation of each year of your architect’s career, so decisions they make will expand upon lessons, experiences and optimisations of projects past.

Shore Architects range of experience is quite focused, with a desired emphasis on providing sustainable development that far exceeds the minimal requirements of the National Construction Code/Building Code. This interest has been drawn into contemporary new homes, heritage alterations and substantial renovations of many eras and styles.

Increased property value potential

Architectural homes are highly desirable. They are unique, boutique and sought after for all the benefits outlined earlier in this article. Shore Architects do not aim to design the houses for sale, however, one eye is always on the potential re-sale of the dwelling and we have massaged several clients’ briefs and layouts in order to provide maximum return should you decide to sell in the near future. If you are engaging Shore Architects to sell straight away, this should be made clear from day one in order to focus the brief towards that target. Otherwise, we will continue on the personalised journey outlined earlier while ensuring you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot or over-capitalising from any design/brief requirement items. Take a look at the real estate sites to see how often ‘architectural’ or ‘architecturally designed’ helps to elevate sales prices.

Functional Design

As your architect is designing several, to many, houses a year they can utilise that experience to provide greatest efficiencies in all elements of the design. This could be from the best ‘flow’ of spaces, connection from inside to outside, types of basins, durability of flooring and many more. Shore Architects aim to create great looking spaces, but also the highest degree of functionality and efficiency. This extends to the usability and comfort of the homes, such as removing box gutters from designs as much as possible – no one likes cleaning leaves out of high-roof geometries all the time. The location of kitchen elements in relationship to each other, minimising the distance from hot water heaters to final outlets and simplifying building junctions all seeks to add another layer of professional consideration above and beyond the great design.

Collaborative Process

This is something the practice prides itself on. There is no authoritative direction during the design process at any point. The process is completely open to guarantee a product that aligns with the first paragraph; a personalised design. It is not my house, it’s yours. You will enjoy this space each and every day, so as long as you get what you want.

The book is always open for feedback and opportunities to maximise how you wish to use the space. Your design tastes and desires will be tested and maximised throughout the process.

When hiring the best residential architects in Sydney, you should get all the above. Shore Architects aims to give you all the above at a minimum, and ensure you are totally engaged and informed throughout the entire project. Please reach out if you have any questions and we can share some client stories if you wish to hear from previous clients. We would look forward to working with you on your next project.

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